Virtual Home Tour

Just received the virtual tour of my new listing in Buena Park and it came out looking great. I would recommend this company, Orange County Virtual Tours, to any agent that has a listing in Orange County, CA. You can order the tour online and pay online as well. I ordered the tour and had the completed project in my in-box the next day along with an email giving me the links for the sites to where it had already been posted. The tour comes with photos, music and a very easy to use interface. Adding a tour to a listing is very easy.

Here is the company information for Orange County Virtual Tours:

Scott Gormley – Owner
Orange County Virtual Tours
Direct: 949.916.1460

“Virtually Simple!”â„¢

Can You Really Get A Home For $1?

The foreclosure market is bad, really bad. When a house is listed for $1 and it takes 19 day to find a buyer, that is a picture of how bad it really is. The house is a shell and there is the issue of back taxes but to be able to purchase a home that sold in 2006 for $65,000 is almost unbelievable. To get the full story click here.

How To Sell Your Home In Todays Market

If you are thinking about buying a new home but concerned you will not be able to sell your current home, there are many things you can do in order to help get your home sold. The first and most important thing to do is price your house correctly in today’s market.

How do you do this? Look at other homes in your neighborhood that have sold recently and this should give you an idea of the value of your home. You could use the Internet to do some research and find a value. A great way to find the true value of your home is to hire a local appraiser who will come out and give you an appraisal for a small fee. A house that is priced in line with the market will sell, even in today’s economy.

Other things that you can do is hire a real estate agent. A good agent will market your home, add it to the MLS and put the listing up on several of the online sites so that your home has as many people looking at it as possible. Having your home on the Internet is not enough. The quality of the pictures and possibly a virtual tour will bring in and hold more attention, so a professional photographer should be used. An agent can do other things to help as well: hold open houses, mail out fliers, drop brochures door to door along with other marketing tasks.

Another way to help sell your home is to have it looking like a model home. This is not that hard to do and will give your home emotional appeal. First, remove all the excess clutter, knick-knacks and personal photographs from the home. Rooms need to be furnished but any excess items that could be removed or stored in the garage should be moved (chairs, tables, beds, etc.). When someone comes to view the home have all lights on, windows open and blinds pulled back. The smell of a home is very important and lighting a few scented candles that are not too strong is a good idea.

Of course there are many other things you could do and your local bookstore has entire books on this subject. So when you find that home that is “just perfect”, don’t turn away because you think you won’t be able to sell your home, use these tips and your home will sell.