How Is Your Curb Appeal?

photo by:  hill.josh

To a prospective buyer this is the first impression.  Would someone take a look and keep on driving or want to see more?  Nice curb appeal can go a long way.

Take a look at your yard.  Is there cleanup to be done?  Think weeding, raking up leaves, trimming back overgrown plants or replacing dead ones.  Could your landscaping use a little updating?

Take a look at your house.  Any cracks, hanging gutters or other exterior repairs to be done?  How’s the paint?  A fresh coat of paint can really brighten things up.

How’s the roof?

Take a look at the entry, front door and porch area. When walking up to your house is it inviting?   Does entry need to be swept or cleaned?  How’s your porch light?  Is it bug-free?  A potted plant or other décor could be nice.

The way the exterior of your home looks sets expectations for what the interior will be like.  Make the most of that first impression!

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